243 Winchester/7mm-08 Remington/.

75-inch group on the first try.

MSRP $88. .



or Best. . Browning BAR MK3 DBM 5/10 Blocks for.


A detachable box magazine with a unique hinged floorplate. I recently purchased a Browning Bar MK 3 DBM 308 that comes with a 10 Round detachable clip. 75-inch group on the first try.

Browning 112-026008. $49.

Browning # 112025011.

308 - 4 Round Magazine OEM 308 MK II OLD STYLE.

Browning 1911-22 Pistol Magazine $59. Purchase Now.

Serial Number Info. Detachable 3rd 7mm Rem Mag for Browning BAR MKII, BAR MKIII, BAR LongTrac.


This magazine is made for BAR rifles designed for extended detachable box magazines.



. 308 Win. Color Black.

UPC 023614629528. Weight: 6. Our 10-round GEN M3 PMAG for 5. Browning BAR 7mm-08 4 Round Magazine. The BAR MK 3 is a multipurpose semi-automatic rifle with an 18" fluted barrel and durable composite stock. .

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The BLR is one of the earliest Browning rifles with a fully detachable magazine. FN FNAR 5 round magazine 308 Browning MK3 DBM.



The stock has a sling swivel stud for mounting a bipod, and QD swivel cups.

PMAG® 10 AR/M4 GEN M3®.

Steyr SBS Universal Thompson/Center Pro Hunter.